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Unframed Watercolor Maison Fondee en 1901 Red Ink Signed ED41-19748

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Description : Unframed Watercolor Maison Fondee en 1901 Red Ink Signed�LOCATION: Bethesda,MD�WHY WE LOVE IT:�Lovely watercolor with bright green focal Boulangerie. Signed by unknown artist in red right lower corner. DETAILS + DIMENSIONS:,�25.5 x 20 Full Piece with border ,CONDITION: Very good condition. No fading,tears or areas with wear. Please refer to photos for a more detailed look at condition. We make every attempt to list and photograph any defects or signs of wear that are significant to this sale. LOCAL PICK UP BETHESDA,MD. BUYER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY NECESSARY DISASSEMBLY AND ALL COSTS ASSOCIATED WITH SHIPPING OR PICK UP. PLEASE CONTACT US FOR SHIPPING REFERRALS

Item Number : 41-10748

Category : Art & Wall

Brand : None