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Baroque Silik Dining Table Sale Da Pranzo ART. 904 CD131-1

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Description: The term "classic" originates from the 17th century, when the art as a whole was focused on Antiquity. The Classical style spread between the palace-type buildings where the higher stratum - the nobility - lived. Those were the interiors of breathtaking splendor: high ceilings supported by Antique-styled pillars, spacious rooms adorned by expensive, high-quality furniture made specifically from all the best natural materials craftsmen could find. Pomposity and lusciousness did not spoil the comfort - it even complemented it.

Condition: In excellent condition.

Dimensions: 46 x 46 x 30"H

Local pick up Leesburg, VA.  Contact us for shipper suggestions.

Length: 46 in"
Width: 46 in"
Height: 31 in"

Pick up location: 20175