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Edo Trestle Cherry Wood Thos Moser Dining Table TF201-1

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The Edo Trestle Table’s support structure is striking. Unique in both its aesthetic and its design, the base of the table rests on splayed wedge feet, which rise from the floor via matching pairs of dramatically angled legs. The construction is profoundly practical, allowing both chairs and benches to nestle when not in use while providing ample space for legs and feet during mealtime.

The legs meet beneath the table top with intricate joinery that further enhances the table’s stability, allowing the broad, utilitarian surface to offer an uninterrupted resting place for a hearty meal. The hardwood cherry or walnut table employs the tabletop as a showplace for the intricate grain structure, which is visible through its durable hand finish.

Dimensions:  72 x 38 x 30"

Condition:  Excellent

Local pick up Alexandria, VA.  Contact us for shipper suggestions

Length: 72"
Width: 38"
Height: 30"

Pick up location: 22304