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Irish Belleek 2nd Mark Flower Bone China Pot 1891-1926 GL194-21

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From humble beginnings in the mid 19th century the Belleek factory of Ireland quickly grew into a large operation still in business today after celebrating their 160th year in 2017. Originally founded by John Caldwell Bloomfield on the estate he inherited in 1849 in the small town of Belleek, County Fermanagh, the factory began experimenting with the readily available materials necessary to produce fine bone china from the existing clay. Starting in 1863, the company used specific marks on the bottom of each example to provide a dating system for their porcelain. The second from is dated from 1891-1926. Examples in the first three marks usually in the color black are the most sought after and usually command higher prices in the market. The Belleek factory designed and marketed many absolutely beautiful patterns and shapes often using additional clay to form florals in relief. These were applied during production before firing and exhibit an extremely delicate appearance. Subject matter also included nautical items such as shells, seaweed and coral as well as the detailed flowers and leaves. We have here an exceptional and very rare example of Irish Belleek porcelain in the shape of a jardiniere, this example has 4 distinct groupings of floral and leaf patterns that cascade from the scalloped edge top. I believe this shape was actually made to use for planting, possibly the reason many are not found in the marketplace today. This specific piece was used for planting and 4 of the scalloped feet of the base have been chipped though not affecting the balance of the perch. Overall excellent condition for its age and delicate nature, there does not seem to be any other damage. Given the purpose and use of this piece it would be considered minor damage. 

Dimensions: 10in Diameter, 8.5in Height 

Condition: 4 of the scalloped base edges have chips, otherwise in excellent condition with no visible chips to the body of the piece. 

Location: Local pick up Portland, OR. Shipper suggestions available upon request at the cost of the buyer. 



Length: 10 in"
Width: 10 in"
Height: 8.5 in"

Pick up location: 97205