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Bernhardt Jet Set 2 Door Wood Console Cabinet TH154-3

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Description: Some living spaces crave a touch of glamour, a burst of energy, or a subtle pop that turns heads.  Combining a fresh sense of style with a nod to the Luxe lifestyle is the goal of Bernhardt’s Jet Set collection.  Classic designs are updated with modern flair—in part from a ‘40s French contemporary influence.  Like a good wardrobe, the pieces are versatile and lend themselves to easy mixing and matching. Accent finishes adorned with solid brass hardware in a golden tone that’s as intricate and unique as fine jewelry. 

Dimensions: 34" H x 63.88" W x 20" D

Condition: New - Interior Design Studio Floor Sample

Local pick up Lake Oswego, OR.  Showroom with main floor access. Contact us for shipper suggestions.

Length: 63.88 in"
Width: 20 in"
Height: 34 in"

Condition: NEW

Pick up location: 97035