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BIC 980 Multiple Play Manual Turntable RF167-3

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Description:  The BIC 980 represent a considerable design achievement. For possibly the first time, engineers have embarked on a turntable design project unhampered by preconceived notions or existing pieces of hardware. As a result, each of the turntable's three operation systems i tone arm, programmer and drive are new.

The 24-pole, 300 rpm motor which power BIC turntables differs from motors used in automatic turntables. Its low rpm and smooth flow of power tends to eliminate the instability and vibration which create playback distortion in automatic turntables.

The BIC turntable motor at speed of 300 rpm it does not generate the heat/friction of high revving motors and its vibration frequencies fall below the audible range. With this low speed motor, a larger pulley can be used, minimizing tolerance and speed variation problems presented by smaller pulleys in conventional machines. The BIC motor is a synchronous unit which lock into the AC line frequency (or to its own electronically generated reference signal in the case of the 980). The coil are completely shielded, in order to keep dust and dirt out of parts of the system

Dimensions: 14 x 17

Condition: Powers on.  We were unable to test further.

Local pick up Alexandria, VA.  Located in Condo on 6th Floor.  Contact us for shipper suggestions.

Length: 15"
Width: 17"
Height: 3"

Pick up location: 22314